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Gamewatch.org [Nov. 1st, 2004|01:45 am]
So, let's talk about it. What would you like to see?

Edit: Hello all. I'm sorry about this, but I've turned on screening for anonymous comments in this thread and the top one on the blog. We have a troll who has been spamming comments every few hours or so, and I just don't have time to keep coming in here and deleting them. Rest assured if you post anything that ISN'T vulgar, I will unscreen it as soon as I see it. Hopefully the troll will lose interest soon and I can lift this.
Edit 1/4/2005: Comment screening turned back off; thank you all for your patience. =)

From: randomelginguy
2005-01-04 02:11 am (UTC)

Possible solution

Here is a suggestion for a solution to make it more credible than simply peoples rants about certain companies.
If people researched criticized companies and published findings in reports or something, it would provide more backed up idea criticism of the company. Here is a link to a basic guide on how to research companies.
This along with links to relevant topics regarding Quality of Life issues in companies would provide a good basis for the site.
Obviously this would be costly and time consuming, but it would definitely provide credibility.
Feel free to put any comments as this was just a quick idea and I'm sure some points can be made regarding this suggestion.
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-01-04 07:37 am (UTC)

Re: Possible solution

Yet still problems arise. What about people who USED to work at a game company but no longer do? the email thing is out the window there. Plus whats stopping companies from screening out emails from gamewatch.org? or monitoring programmers emails? Many will not email you in fear of losing their job.

I have 2 possible, imperfect suggestions:
-the phone method... some game subscription sites now call you for verification. You or someone working for gamewatch.org could call to confirm the person, with a phone number that is not just a dumped phone number... sure this can still be abused a little, but its not like people making 20 email address, people can only have so many phone numbers.
-The "verified by a friend" method. After you recieve comments that youc an prove are true, those persons could gain access to confirm that others within their companies are really them. Example: bob posts his comment about EA treating him bad. After spending time confirming his claim is true, Bob can then enter Bills name in you site, so when Bill posts, he dosnt have to go through any streanous verification system (saving time for both you and bill).
Sadly, the abuse can still happen, but these are just some things that might ease the mayhem you could face...
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