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Gamewatch.org [Nov. 1st, 2004|01:45 am]
So, let's talk about it. What would you like to see?

Edit: Hello all. I'm sorry about this, but I've turned on screening for anonymous comments in this thread and the top one on the blog. We have a troll who has been spamming comments every few hours or so, and I just don't have time to keep coming in here and deleting them. Rest assured if you post anything that ISN'T vulgar, I will unscreen it as soon as I see it. Hopefully the troll will lose interest soon and I can lift this.
Edit 1/4/2005: Comment screening turned back off; thank you all for your patience. =)

From: ea_spouse
2004-12-16 08:51 pm (UTC)
Also redirecting from the main thread:
Re: I know you´ve had enough, but here goes more
2004-12-16 10:15 (link)
As far as GameWatch goes, breaking anonymity somehow will be key.

Anonymous rants about EA (or any other game company) as a constant stream will be somewhat meaningless...it opens the door too widely for employees to target companies just because they feel like it for whatever reason.

I realize this sets the site up for a problem, it's just that I don't see how it will have any credibility without that kind of validation.

Solve that issue, and you just may produce something useful.

Validation is addressed in the above comment, but the point about relinquishing anonymity is a new one, and one that my SO and I have been discussing at length over the past couple of days. Input is as always welcome.
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From: todpunk
2004-12-17 06:37 am (UTC)
hmmmm. Anonymity is a bit tricky. You can't have anonymous reviewers, obviously, but you can't verify credentials without (at the very least) a significant time investment or a rather convenient scenario like that mentioned above. The time investment takes from your day or costs wages or whatever. The convenient scenario would be easy to automate, but then it limits who can review. Something like making them signup an account would be a good balance IMO.

Having an account they have to be using, and rated by, makes them take their review a bit more responsibly, as well as eliminates people writing a hundred different reviews for the same company. Yet they can call their account whatever they want and retain anonymity while still having to put some effort into the account creation.

I think the above comment about not taking anything but company emails would be a relevant case, in some claims, but if they had to sign up an account and provide a valid email address, they could always be contacted about their credentials if they were needed. So you wouldn't need to require a company email, per se, just require something that wasn't a freely available completely anonymous email, like Hotmail or Yahoo, etc. Fairly standard par for the course in account setups.

Meh, I'm just rambling now. Hope somebody gets something from my late babbling. =cP
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[User Picture]From: weezie13
2004-12-22 12:31 am (UTC)
Anonymity is a difficult issue when it comes to any frank discussion of game industry practices. Look at the infamous Fatbabies for instance. At one point, it was a necessary "evil"; a repository for employee commentary that existed purely for the lack of constructive dialogue within the companies it exposed. I can't think of a single company that i've worked at that enjoys its dirty laundry being hung out and this is exactly what a rating system would be viewed as.

I would sincerely like to help out with Gamewatch as long as it holds game companies accountable for good business practices as well as bad.
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From: ea_spouse
2004-12-22 12:41 am (UTC)
It is my hope that Gamewatch will come to be viewed as a general repository for all information useful to employees in the game industry -- this means a large focus on the positive sides of good companies. While exposing unfair practices is one goal, the goal of raising awareness about companies that are doing things RIGHT is larger; to give employees information on alternative employment if they are in a bad situation.
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From: world_of_paradi
2005-02-01 06:50 pm (UTC)

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From: ea_spouse
2005-02-01 09:37 pm (UTC)

Re: if u can spare half an hour i would like to have ur that time

Hello Keerti. Please feel free to email me at ea_spouse@hotmail.com.
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