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So, let's talk about it. What would you like to see?

Edit: Hello all. I'm sorry about this, but I've turned on screening for anonymous comments in this thread and the top one on the blog. We have a troll who has been spamming comments every few hours or so, and I just don't have time to keep coming in here and deleting them. Rest assured if you post anything that ISN'T vulgar, I will unscreen it as soon as I see it. Hopefully the troll will lose interest soon and I can lift this.
Edit 1/4/2005: Comment screening turned back off; thank you all for your patience. =)
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May 15 2005, 06:12:26 UTC 15 years ago

So what's happening with this??? Nothing, it would appear.


June 23 2005, 00:02:57 UTC 15 years ago

What is your expectation if it 'appears' that nothing is happening? Have you done anything to contribute aside from your post?

If the situation is bad enough that EA makes changes only in response to class action lawsuits, you think things are going to change/improve quickly?


15 years ago


15 years ago


15 years ago


15 years ago

well, I don't know much about the programming launguage you have opted to use for Gamewatch, but if you need a good HTML/CSS programmer, look no further =)

Pure Evil


June 20 2005, 22:13:27 UTC 15 years ago

I used to know an artist that worked at the EA studios in Canada. Her mother came down with terminal cancer and she wanted to temporarily move to being a part time employee so she could look after her mother as she slowly died. What did they do? Did they say sure, we understand, work part time then come back full time when you are ready? No, they fired her because her mothers illness was interfering with her work. They are a bunch of worthless scum and I curse anyone who buys their products. They are evil incarnate.

A campaign


July 12 2005, 16:06:47 UTC 15 years ago

Is there no charity or legal campaign group working against EA? Gamers, coders and the families of EA victims should untite to kick some rectum. Bringing EA down has long been a personal dream of mine...

Sincerest best wishes of success in all things.

This will be my first linking to any such venture although accumulating experience in dealing with some of the players in the market place I am not faint of heart. (Forgive the spelling the mind races faster than my 4 finger typing.)

What I hope to accomplish here is at least a minor meeting of the minds in hopes of aligning more individuals (myself) in the facilitation of developing market awareness and better practices for both the industry and consumers.

I stress the industry in terms of accountability and fairness nad the consumer in the raising of the conciousness type of deal for the power of communications.

Mostly, as suggested in my 1st note to you, by the time I have started any tirade against a business on various community web sites or forums (extremtech.com, tomshardware, etc) I have already endured the situaitonal scenarios associated with poor business practices and am spured to action, being completely mindful at the same time that many of these forums are set up as spring boards for products and have industry insiders lurking on them.

[one of my earlier launches was the on-going practice of harnessing the gladhands and technazoid-wanna-be-engineers into convincing the rest of the world to do their own support thus cutting way back on their support divisions and service levels as well as consoling themselves that they can continue to cut back on qaulity releases]

As far as waiting me out, that usually is counterproductive for them as I am one to turn being ignored into a more complete coverage in my communications.

I thoroughly beleive that even just 'a few' may harness the accessibility and rights afforded us to make positive, lasting differences.

It may not show so much in the delivery, having the appearnce of a rabid wolverine at times, but it does cut down on the infantile tactics and excuses the administration usually counters with.

Perhaps you have received remedy or the disheartening exercise aimed at quelling the outrage the process has taken on you all has slowed things or made them moot and this is no longer viable for you to pursue.

However if there be even a little spark perhaps we might best use it to protect ourselves. I must no attend the on going struggle with ea on my own accord and means available...

Thank you for your time and attention,
I hope that this situation does get sorted out, not only in the US but also for the rest of the gaming community.

I have seen too many relationships break down due to the work culture of the gaming industry, including my own.

There is debate about whether people get paid overtime, and what other perks they get to make life easier. Well that makes the life easier for the programmer to sell their soul lock stock and barrel to the games company.

The games company my ex worked at looked after him well, making sure he would eat properly (by getting in takeaways) making sure he slept well (by having sofas in the office he could kip on). If I wanted to see him, I could go to the office.

I would hardly got to see him one week to the next, and if I did he was comatosed due to the amount of hours he was working. I realised that that in the end we had no relationship left, the only relationship he had was with the games company and that was how the company liked it.

I hope in the future companies will look after their employees better and will understand that employees need a work life balance and having a life means having a life outside the company.
This troll you mentioned may likely have been someone who works for EA, I have no doubt that they would stoop that low and use annonymity to their benefit. I was reading the Wikipedia article about EA (which is how I found this webpage) and the latest blog states that managers for EA have been editing the Wiki pages to favour the company as 90% of the material included was criticism. They were even deleting information paragraphs at a time. I lost faith in EA's ability to develop decent games after seeing countless movie based games hit the shelves. I also noticed that EA see their games as free advertising for other games developed by them. Especially in sport games such as burnout EA keep making billbords that the player has to drive by advertising other games they have either made, or plan to release. They brand objects in games such as Madden with the company logo. My solution to this opression is that they company employees should organise a strike until regulated work conditions are made.
very disappointed in ea games had first 3 medal of honor games bought 4 pacific assault and cant seem to get it online says my password is incorrect changed it 3 times still says same thing if this is any indication of whats to come i'm done with ea games they should have kept the same format to get online as 1 2 and 3 or made it simpler and it remembers my e-mail add so i cant even create a new account i give up and no way to contact anyone without logging on just bad service if you ask me
I can´t find the homepage of your organization, is already exist?
Hi, thanks for your message. DNS expired. I've fixed it and the board is back now. :)
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